Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Ayya

Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar Ayya was born to ate.Shri.Ukirapandiya Thevar and Indirani Ammaiyaar on a fine Friday 30th October in the year 1908. The great human of the South Tamilnadu Pasumpon Thevar Ayya, was a man known for his spiritual affection and majestic influence over the people of Southern regions of Tamilnadu like Madurai,Thirunelveli and Ramnad District are remarkable. This energetic – humanized freedom fighter fought against the British rule from 1935 and made an irony relationship with the West Bengali Tiger,Nethaji SubhashChandraBose.

Hands with Netubhash Chandra Bose Pasumpon Thevar Ayya , a materialized human supported Nethaji and his views to get the Free India. World War II brought the two national legends closer than ever before to breathe free Indian air by cleaning the British rule from the brown Indian soil Gandhiji used the mental human power but nethaji was eager to adopt by physical power, which was fired in the blood of brown Indians.

In Indian National Congress This joint venture of the legends made the confusion in the Indian National Congress.Gandhi viewed to solve the struggle through peace whereas Nethaji focussed war as the only weapon to finalize India. Hence a huge controversy ruledout, Gandhiji supported Mr.Pattabi Seetharamaiya and he was elected as a congress chief whereas Pasumpon Thevar Ayya increased the majority hands for Nethaji from the Indian National congress. Nethaji won the congress chief leadership with the major help of Pasumpon Thevar Ayya from the down south of Tamilnadu. Gandhiji had openly accepted his defeat.

Forward Block and Ayya's Contribution Nethaji founded the Indian National army, Pasumpon Thevar Ayya was elected as a Forward Block Chief in Tamilnadu. Nethaji strengthened his Indian National army with lot of brave tamilians' to handle firing machine and marched towards the International war. Pasumpon Thevar Ayya's hope of Free India created many human potentials from the south to help the army under Nethaji’s supreme leadership. During a tight and a busy schedule of Nethaji, on Pasumpon Thevar Ayya’s request Nethaji came to Madurai on 6th September in the year 1939 for a general meeting. This shows Nethaji’s sincere- respect and affection towards Pasumpon Thevar Ayya.

Ayya's Victory Right from the beginning of 1939 till his end , whenever he stands for an election no one had defeated this humble tiger. In 1939, British Government decided to give an automacy rule for ten province of India. Under Madras Provincial area , for the first time Congress party was admitted for an election. Many of them scared to stand against the Indo-British Candidate. Mostly the Indo-British candidate was the small regional kings’, Nawabs’ and Jamins’ played the role in rubber stamp impression of the British government. At that time Pasumpon Thevar Ayya was very active in Congress party, decided to face things against the Indo-British candidate Pandiya raja for Ramnad district. But the storming influence brought Pasumpon Thevar Ayya to the court of victory. In the year 1946, Pasumpon Thevar Ayya was elected again by the people, belonging to Muthukulathoor. After 1947,he shifted himself towards national political arena, that is he concentrated more in Forward Block which was an opponent party for the Indian National Congress in the Free India, congress men challenged to keep his victory down. In the year 1952 , the whole Indian nation General election surprised with the huge breathe in seeing the victory of Pasumpon Thevar Ayya in both of his Legistratory and Parlimentary area of Ramanad District.

The Potential Speaker Pasumpon Thevar Ayya electrical speech echoed all corners’ of Tamilnadu.It charged the inner feelings of every human of the down south to turn as a high potential and raising energetic. This Indian National human was admired by all freedom fighters of the north. He had been arrested many number of times for raising the inner energy of the people against the British Government.He refused to join the cabinet during though he was requested a lot by others.